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Embers – by K.B. CARLE

So happy to announce that my flash fiction piece, “Embers” was published today on Sick Lit Magazine!



I watch the embers, sore after being thrown to the ground. Watch the crimson sparks skip off the ashen wood as your heavy body presses against mine. Watch as your hand slips under my dress, claws at my legs, rips away my underwear. Hot tears blur my vision as you grunt, enter me, choke me. Your big hand strikes my face as I watch the embers dim. You pull my hair, forcing me to watch you, thick vein pulsing in your forehead, sweat dripping onto my dry lips, black hair on your chest, creeping under your arms.

Every time it hurts but every time I find something new to watch; cobwebs on the ceiling, a mouse hiding under the couch, your friend with the lazy eye looking back at me.

I want to watch as my fingers wrap around your neck, slap you when you cry, slam your head…

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Short Story Entitled “Gone Fishing” Published on Pennyshorts

My short story, “Gone Fishing” is now available on Pennyshorts website!!!!!

Gone Fishing by K.B. Carle:

“Helen’s Daddy is supposed to be watching her while her mother is at bible study but her Uncle Dolly has something else in mind.”

Find out what happens to Helen, her father and uncle while her mother is away at the following link:

Just 56 cents! Hope you enjoy!

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