“Creative writing doesn’t want to be worked at, just as cakes don’t want you opening the oven door on them all the time, or animals don’t want you harassing them into submission, or children don’t want you to force feed them the rules for growth. You can bake a cake or tame an animal or raise a child under these circumstances, but it will emerge tragically deflated, a poor approximation of what it might have been.”

An interesting article by Elizabeth Percer regarding her journey as a writer. Often we writers sit down and claim that we are writing a novel, too afraid to admit that this may not be the best way to start our writing careers. I for one thought at one point that I was writing a novel until my mentor recommended that I start with short stories. As Percer mentions above, creative writing doesn’t want to be worked at. That it will emerge tragically deflated as did several of my pieces. Taking the time to develop my writing skills, tackling flash fiction and short stories has forced me to accept other aspects that come with being a writer. Percer provides a list of things a every writer must accept the hardest for me being procrastination, listening to that little voice inside telling me to stop being so hard on myself. Stop trying to write something brilliant every day and to let the story come to me naturally rather than forcing it out.