We all have a nervous ticks! Writers by nature are nervous people. Is my short story going to be accepted for publication? Will I be able to pay my rent? Can I even afford groceries?!?!?! I’m exaggerating but I’m sure every writer has something to be nervous about. But what are your nervous ticks? While you are writing a story, do you bite your nails? Chew on the top of your pencil?

Hello world. My name is Kellie Carle. I’m a writer and a nervous chewer.I bite my lips. Peel the skin off them until the bleed. I chew the inside of my cheeks when I’m done chewing on my lips. I chew on Twizzlers, gum my favorite being Watermelon or Strawberry Bubblicious, Milky Ways, Now and Laters (except the banana ones) but at least I don’t chew on my fingernails…anymore.

Some of my other nervous habits:

  1. I check submittable OBSESSIVELY. I have several stories under consideration at the moment and I check more then once…maybe around four times a day to see if the publisher has switched the submittable status from received to in-progress. Okay…maybe its more like fifteen times a day, and I MAY be checking right now.
  2. I scratch the surface of my computer with my nails. I don’t know why. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it until someone walks in and asks me what that noise is. Just me, taking out my lack of ideas on my computer.
  3. I scratch my scalp, my cheek, my bleeding lips and the tip of my nose. I don’t notice I’m doing any of this until I think to myself “hey something is happening on my scalp that feels really good. Oh wait, that’s me scratching my head.”
  4. I check Duotrope OBSESSIVELY. They have this cool/depressing feature that shows you which literary magazines are sending out responses to fellow writers that are participating in the submission process. Its depressing because that    ong line of rejections blurs out the acceptances as displayed in the picture. However, I JUST found out that I can do an advance search to find out how many people have been recently accepted/rejected to literary magazines that I’ve submitted to.
  5. I crack my knuckles. Most of the time this happens after I finish a story because the first draft is always written by hand. It becomes a nervous tick when I start processing what I’ve just written. Will everything sound the same once I type this new story on the computer? Is this even a good story? Well, maybe I should send it to someone and see what they think. But what if they don’t get it? What if I don’t get it? What did I just write?


So fellow writers, as I open a new pack of Twizzlers, what are your nervous ticks? Are you a nail biter? Scratcher? Picker? A fellow chewer?

This post is in response to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.