As many of you know, I will be participating in my first ever A to Z Blogging Challenge! Unfortunately, I missed the theme reveal date so why not reveal my tentative plan the day before! Better late then never right? I recently revamped my blog to be about my life as a writer rather than posting my work, apparently literary magazines don’t like accepting work that appears on personal blogs and I want those literary magazines to publish me so something had to give! Anyway, my theme will focus on my experiences as a writer whether it’s through story telling, naming some of my favorite writing tips and tools or how I handle sticky writing situations! Below is the tentative list of topics that is subject to change if I feel so inspired.

  1. A: Awkward
  2. B: Books
  3. C: Critiques
  4. D: Despicable Characters
  5. E: Epistolary
  6. F: Fear of Failure
  7. G: Graduation
  8. H: Hilarious
  9. I: ISTJ
  10. J: Journey
  11. K: Kill Your Darlings
  12. L: Lounging Lazily
  13. M: Mothers as Mentors
  14. N: Nervous Habits
  15. O: Opinions
  16. P: Pinterest
  17. Q: Quotes
  18. R: Revising
  19. S: Submittable
  20. T: Titles
  21. U: Ummm…..
  22. V: Vexing Interruptions
  23. W: Workshop
  24. X: Xenophobia
  25. Y: You
  26. Z: Zoning Out

And now I know my A, B, Cs and hope I will be able to stick to this challenge. Fingers crossed and I hope to see what the rest of you come up with! Good luck everyone!