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“Writers live twice.” —Natalie Goldberg


March 2016

#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal

As many of you know, I will be participating in my first ever A to Z Blogging Challenge! Unfortunately, I missed the theme reveal date so why not reveal my tentative plan the day before! Better late then never right? I recently revamped my blog to be about my life as a writer rather than posting my work, apparently literary magazines don’t like accepting work that appears on personal blogs and I want those literary magazines to publish me so something had to give! Anyway, my theme will focus on my experiences as a writer whether it’s through story telling, naming some of my favorite writing tips and tools or how I handle sticky writing situations! Below is the tentative list of topics that is subject to change if I feel so inspired. Continue reading “#AtoZChallenge Theme Reveal”


Blogging from A to Z


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How to Do AWP

The Writer’s Survival Kit: Top Essentials for Any Writers’ Conference

June 2015: The writer attends her first writers’ conference, starting off as a young hopeful then becoming completely overwhelmed because she was not prepared.

It’s that time of year again my fellow writers, conference season! Where we all prepare our manuscripts for those in house conference workshops, practice our elevator pitches in the mirror where we also learn how to control our faces and body language for when we sit across from established authors, agents and editors. Questions and contact information will be exchanged, some stories may be accepted by an agent or editor but this all depends on one thing:

The Writer’s Survival Kit. Continue reading “The Writer’s Survival Kit: Top Essentials for Any Writers’ Conference”

The Writer in Solitary Confinement

I’ve often heard the the life of a writer is a solitary experience. That, as a writer, I am signing up for a lonely journey of self reflection, destined to be locked in a room surrounded by books of successful authors that have either died or I will never have to opportunity to meet. This solitary existence is one of the many reasons to become a writer, if you desire to be alone, locked in a room with a pencil, pen, paper and surrounded by books you enjoy, the ones that were a gift from a friend or family member that you begrudgingly accepted or a book that has been in the family for generations that you can no longer open.  Continue reading “The Writer in Solitary Confinement”

I Don’t Sh*t Stories, So Don’t Ask Me To

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of requests to write blurbs for other people (for free). These blurbs include stories that cover someone’s family history for their family reunion, dedication pieces, poetry (I’m a fiction major), collaborate on a science fiction piece (I’m a HISTORICAL fiction major) and many other things that make me want to scream:


Many, and I can’t be the only one that experiences these kind of encounters, believe that I sit at my desk and just sh*t out a story, like my butt is magical and everything I digest becomes something the masses want to read. That’s not how writing works! I sit at my desk for hours everyday and maybe ONE good sentence comes out. Some days I write an entire short story but even then the whole thing doesn’t come out and is immediately ready to be published. Continue reading “I Don’t Sh*t Stories, So Don’t Ask Me To”

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